Best GAA Handball Betting Sites

GAA Handball, also known as Irish Handball, is a traditional sport deeply rooted in Irish culture. It is a fast-paced game played on a walled court, where players use their hands to strike a small ball against the walls. The objective is to outmaneuver opponents by strategically placing shots that are difficult to return. While the sport has a long history, its popularity as a betting option has been on the rise in recent years.

One of the reasons GAA Handball is popular to bet on in Ireland is its strong connection to the Gaelic Athletic Association. The GAA is the governing body for various Irish sports, including Gaelic football and GAA hurling. With its wide fan base and passionate supporters, the GAA has helped to promote and popularise GAA Handball. As a result, many Irish sports enthusiasts are drawn to betting on GAA Handball due to their familiarity and love for the GAA.

GAA Handball Betting Sites 2024

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Introduction to Handball Betting

GAA Handball betting offers a unique and exciting opportunity for punters. The fast-paced nature of the game, combined with the skill and athleticism displayed by the players, makes it an engaging sport to watch and bet on. The unpredictable nature of the game also adds to the thrill, as matches can swing in favour of either player at any moment. This unpredictability attracts bettors who enjoy the challenge of analysing the odds and making strategic bets.

To find GAA betting online, there are several reputable sports betting platforms that offer a wide range of markets for GAA Handball matches. These platforms provide odds, betting options, and sometimes even live streaming of the matches, allowing bettors to stay engaged and make informed decisions. It is advisable to choose a licensed and regulated betting site to ensure a safe and fair betting experience.

Handball Rules

GAA handball is a traditional Irish sport played in an indoor or outdoor court. The game can be played in singles, doubles, or in a four-wall or one-wall format. Here are the basic rules of GAA handball:


The objective of GAA handball is to hit the ball against the front wall in a way that makes it difficult for the opponent to return the shot.


Players earn points when their opponent fails to return the ball legally. The ball must bounce once on the floor before it hits the front wall. If the opponent fails to return the ball before the second bounce, the server earns a point.


The server must stand behind the short line and serve the ball by hitting it against the front wall so that it lands in the opponent’s court. The serve alternates between players or teams after every point.


The opponent must return the ball after it has bounced once, hitting it against the front wall and allowing it to bounce once more before the server has a chance to return it.

Court Boundaries

The court is divided into areas. In singles play, the server must hit the ball so that it crosses the short line and lands between the short line and the receiving line. The ball must also bounce past the short line on the return shot. In doubles play, the ball must cross the service line but doesn’t need to cross the short line.

Out of Bounds

If the ball bounces outside the court boundaries or hits any part of the court structure, it is considered out of bounds, and the server earns a point.


Players must not hinder their opponents or interfere with their ability to play a shot. Any obstruction, pushing, blocking, or intentional interference results in a foul. Fouls can lead to penalty points or even disqualification.

Winning the Game

A game is usually played to a certain number of points, such as 21 or 25, with the winner being the first to reach that target. Matches are often played as best-of-three or best-of-five games.

How to Select the Best Handball Betting Sites

When it comes to selecting the best handball betting sites in Ireland, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Licensing and Regulation

Start by checking if the handball betting site is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. In Ireland, the Irish Gambling Commission is responsible for overseeing online gambling activities. Choose a site that holds a valid licence from this regulatory body to ensure fair play and customer protection.

Range of Handball Markets

Look for a betting site that offers a wide range of handball markets, including major tournaments and leagues. The more options available, the better chance you have of finding value bets and maximising your potential winnings.

Competitive Odds

Compare the odds offered by different handball betting sites to ensure you are getting the best value for your bets. Even a small difference in odds can make a significant impact on your overall profits in the long run.

User-Friendly Interface

Opt for a handball betting site that has a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. It should be easy to find the handball section, place bets, and access important information like match statistics and live scores.

Secure Payment Options

Check if the betting site supports secure payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Look for encryption protocols such as SSL to ensure that your financial transactions are protected.

Bonuses and Promotions

Consider the bonuses and promotions offered by the handball betting sites. Welcome bonuses, free bets, and loyalty programs can provide extra value and enhance your overall betting experience.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is crucial in case you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your account or bets. Ensure that the betting site offers responsive and accessible customer support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone.

Top 5 GAA Handball Betting Sites for Irish Players

GAA handball is a popular sport in Ireland, and many online GAA handball betting sites offer opportunities for Irish players to bet on GAA handball matches. When selecting a betting site, it’s important to consider factors such as reputation, user experience, available markets, odds, and promotions. Here are a few of our recommended online betting platforms that cater to Irish players:

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a renowned Irish bookmaker that offers a wide range of sports betting options, including GAA handball. They provide competitive odds, various markets, and often have promotions specific to GAA handball or other Irish sports.


Bet365 is a popular global betting site that also caters to Irish players. They offer an extensive selection of sports markets, including GAA handball, along with live streaming and in-play betting options.


Another reputable Irish bookmaker, BoyleSports, provides a comprehensive sportsbook with GAA handball betting options. They offer competitive odds, promotions, and a user-friendly platform.


Betway is a well-established bookmaker with a strong presence in the online betting industry. They typically provide GAA handball betting markets and offer features like live streaming and cash-out options.


22Bet is a renowned online betting exchange that offers a fantastic platform where users can avail of fantastic odds. They often include GAA handball in their sports markets, and their platform allows for greater flexibility in betting options.

Top Handball Events, Teams and Players

The origins of GAA Handball can be traced back to ancient times, with similar forms of the game being played in various civilisations around the world. However, it was in Ireland that the sport truly flourished. The Gaelic Athletic Association played a pivotal role in its development, establishing standardised rules and promoting its growth across the country.

GAA Handball’s popularity soared throughout the years, attracting players of all ages and skill levels. The sport found a particularly strong following in Ireland, where it became deeply ingrained in local communities. It served as a form of recreation, a way to stay fit, and a means of fostering camaraderie among players.

Key Tournaments

Key tournaments in GAA Handball showcase the competitive nature of the sport and provide a platform for players to display their incredible talent. The All-Ireland Handball Championships, organised by the GAA, are among the most prestigious events in the sport. These championships bring together the finest players from across the country to compete for the coveted titles in various categories.

In addition to the All-Ireland Handball Championships, other notable tournaments, such as the Irish Handball Nationals and the World Handball Championships, further showcase the sport’s global reach and significance. These events attract top international players and serve as a testament to the skill and dedication required to excel in GAA Handball.

Top Players

Throughout its history, GAA Handball has produced numerous legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Players like Paul Brady, Michael Finnegan, and Ciaran Curran have become household names, admired for their exceptional prowess on the court. Their achievements have inspired generations of aspiring players and have contributed to the sport’s enduring popularity.

Popular Handball Betting Competitions

With its growing fan base, the sport has also attracted the attention of betting enthusiasts. Several GAA handball competitions offer thrilling betting opportunities, and here are some of the most popular ones:

All-Ireland Handball Championship

The pinnacle of GAA handball, the All-Ireland Handball Championship attracts a large number of bettors. It features the best players from all over Ireland competing for the prestigious title. The tournament provides a range of betting markets, including match outcomes, set scores, and individual player performances.

World Handball Championships

Held every three years, the World Handball Championships bring together top handball players from various countries. This global event showcases intense matches and creates a significant betting buzz. Bettors can wager on individual matches, tournament winners, and even specific player statistics.

USHA National Handball Championships

Organised by the United States Handball Association, the USHA National Handball Championships is a prominent event in American handball. It attracts both local and international talent, drawing attention from betting enthusiasts. The tournament offers a variety of betting options, allowing fans to bet on their favourite players and teams.

European Handball Championships

Although not exclusively focused on GAA handball, the European Handball Championships feature a GAA handball segment. The event gathers top European handball players, providing thrilling betting opportunities for fans. From predicting match outcomes to individual player performances, there are plenty of betting markets to choose from.

Provincial Championships

Within Ireland, there are four provincial handball championships: Leinster, Munster, Connacht, and Ulster. These regional competitions showcase local talent and generate excitement among both players and spectators. Betting on provincial championships allows fans to support their favourite regional teams and players.

Handball Ante-Post Betting Odds

Ante-post markets in GAA Handball betting offer a fascinating opportunity for enthusiasts to engage in early predictions and place bets on various outcomes of future events. These markets enable bettors to speculate on the winners of tournaments, championships, or even individual matches well in advance. With a wide range of possible betting options, ante-post markets provide an exciting avenue for GAA Handball fans to showcase their knowledge and potentially earn substantial rewards.

In GAA Handball, ante-post markets typically include predictions on major tournaments such as the World Handball Championships, All-Ireland Handball Championships, provincial championships, and other significant events. Bettors can place wagers on the eventual winners, finalists, or even the top performers in specific categories such as men’s singles, women’s doubles, or mixed doubles. The markets are structured to cater to different preferences and betting styles, offering a diverse array of options to suit individual interests.

How to find ante-post markets

To find ante-post markets for GAA Handball, enthusiasts can explore various online sportsbooks and bookmakers that offer comprehensive coverage of Gaelic sports. Prominent betting platforms often provide dedicated sections for GAA Handball, including a range of pre-tournament markets. These platforms present odds and betting options well in advance, allowing bettors to capitalise on early insights and favourable odds before the competition begins.

Participating in ante-post markets for GAA Handball can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, they allow fans to engage with the sport on a deeper level by studying the players, their form, and the potential outcomes of upcoming events. This process enhances the overall enjoyment of following the sport and encourages fans to stay connected throughout the season.

Find attractive odds

Secondly, ante-post markets offer the opportunity to secure attractive betting odds before they potentially shorten as the tournament progresses. If a punter can accurately predict an underdog’s success or spot a rising star early on, they may be able to secure more favourable odds and maximise their potential returns.

Lastly, participating in ante-post markets adds an extra layer of excitement and involvement to GAA Handball events. Placing a bet can intensify the viewing experience as fans have a vested interest in the outcome, enhancing the thrill of the sport and making it more engaging.

How to Bet on Handball Online

Betting on GAA Handball online can add excitement and thrill to your experience as a fan. If you’re interested in trying your luck and potentially making some money, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Choose one of our recommended bookmakers
Look for a reliable and licensed online sportsbook that offers GAA Handball betting. Read this review and consider factors like user interface, available markets, competitive odds, and payment options.

Create an account

Visit the chosen sportsbook’s website and sign up for an account. Provide the required information, including your name, email address, and payment details. Ensure that you choose a strong password to protect your account.

Fund your account

After creating an account, navigate to the deposit section and choose your preferred payment method. Common options include debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill, and bank transfers. Follow the instructions to add funds to your account.

Navigate to GAA Handball betting

Once your account is funded, find the section dedicated to GAA Handball or search for it in the sportsbook’s search bar. You may also find it under “Other Sports” or “Specialty Sports.”

Explore available markets

GAA Handball betting markets may include match winners, set winners, total points scored, handicaps, and more. Take the time to understand the available options and choose the bets that align with your predictions.

Select your bets

Click on the odds associated with the bets you want to place. They will be added to your bet slip. You can choose single bets or combine multiple selections in parlays or accumulators for higher potential returns.

Set your stake

In your bet slip, enter the amount of money you want to wager on each selection. The bet slip will automatically calculate the potential payout based on the odds and stake.

Confirm your bet

Review your selections, stakes, and potential payout before finalising your bet. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Place Bet” or similar button to confirm your wager.

Monitor the match and results

Keep an eye on the GAA Handball match you bet on. You can watch it live if the sportsbook offers streaming services or follow live updates. After the match, check the results and see if your bets were successful.

Handball Live Streaming Betting Sites

There are several Irish betting sites that offer the opportunity to live stream GAA Handball matches, providing fans with an immersive and convenient way to enjoy the sport. These platforms not only offer betting options but also serve as a one-stop destination for enthusiasts to stay connected with their favourite games in real-time. Here is a list of some popular Irish betting sites that provide live streaming of GAA Handball matches:

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a renowned name in the Irish betting industry and offers live streaming of GAA Handball events. Their user-friendly platform, coupled with high-quality live streams, ensures an enjoyable viewing experience.


Bet365 is another prominent Irish betting site that caters to GAA Handball fans. With its extensive coverage of various sports, including GAA Handball, Bet365 allows users to stream matches directly on their website or through their mobile app.


BoyleSports is a well-established bookmaker in Ireland that offers live streaming of GAA Handball matches. They provide a seamless streaming experience along with competitive odds, making it a popular choice among fans.


Ladbrokes is known for its comprehensive sports betting options and also provides live streaming of GAA Handball events. Their platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for fans to navigate and access live streams effortlessly.

What are the benefits?

The availability of live streaming on these Irish betting sites offers several benefits to GAA Handball enthusiasts. Firstly, it allows fans to watch the matches in real-time, regardless of their location. This is particularly beneficial for those unable to attend the games in person or living outside of Ireland.

Additionally, live streaming enhances the viewing experience by providing access to multiple camera angles, replays, and expert commentary. It adds depth and context to the matches, allowing fans to gain a deeper understanding of the sport.

Furthermore, the integration of live streaming with betting platforms allows users to make informed decisions while placing bets. They can watch the action unfold and adjust their strategies accordingly, improving the overall betting experience.

Handball Betting Deals and Bonuses

As with any popular sport, betting on GAA Handball has become increasingly prevalent, offering fans an opportunity to add excitement and engagement to the game. When exploring online betting platforms for GAA Handball, it’s important to consider the variety of betting offers available. Different betting sites offer various types of promotions, and understanding these options can enhance your betting experience. Here, we discuss some of the common types of betting offers you can find on GAA Handball.

Boosted Odds

One popular betting offer is boosted odds, where the bookmaker increases the potential payout for specific GAA Handball matches or events. These promotions often focus on high-profile matches or players, providing an opportunity for bettors to secure greater returns on their bets.


Accumulators, also known as multiples, allow bettors to combine multiple GAA Handball bets into a single bet. If all the individual bets within the accumulator win, the potential payout can be significantly higher compared to single bets. However, the risk increases as all bets must be successful for the accumulator to pay out.

Free Bets

Many betting sites offer free bets as a way to attract new customers or reward existing ones. These offers allow you to place a bet without risking your own money. If your free bet wins, you receive the winnings, but not the original stake. Free bets can be an excellent way to try out different GAA Handball betting strategies or explore new markets.

In-Play Betting

In-play or live betting is another popular option for GAA Handball enthusiasts. This type of betting allows you to place bets during the game, taking advantage of real-time odds and developments. In-play betting adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your GAA Handball viewing experience.

Handball Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on GAA Handball, there are several strategies and tips that can help you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a novice, these strategies can be useful in maximising your profits and alleviating your risk.

Study the form

Research and analyze the recent performances of players. Look for patterns, strengths, weaknesses, and any factors that may affect their performance. Pay attention to their head-to-head records and their performance in different court conditions.

Use an odds comparison site

Utilise odds comparison websites to find the best odds available for your chosen bets. Different bookmakers may offer different odds, so comparing them can help you secure the highest potential returns on your wagers.

Alternative types of bets

Explore alternative types of bets beyond just match outcomes. Consider betting on specific game totals, handicaps, set scores, or even in-play betting. These options can offer more value and flexibility.


Consider placing accumulators, which involve combining multiple bets into one. This can increase potential returns, but remember that all selections must win for the bet to be successful. Be cautious and only include bets you feel confident about.

Use free bets and promotions

Take advantage of free bets and promotions offered by bookmakers. These can help boost your bankroll and provide extra value for your wagers. Be sure to read the terms and conditions associated with these offers.

Follow expert opinions

Stay updated with expert opinions, previews, and predictions from reliable sources. These insights can provide valuable information and help you make more informed betting decisions.

Manage your bankroll

Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses by betting more than you can afford. Proper bankroll management is crucial for long-term success.

Learn from your bets

Keep a record of your bets, including the reasoning behind each selection and the outcomes. Regularly review your records to identify any patterns, strengths, or weaknesses in your betting strategy.

Handball Betting Odds

With its rising prominence, the availability of betting odds on GAA Handball has also increased, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to engage further with the sport.

When it comes to finding GAA Handball odds, several online bookmakers offer comprehensive coverage of the sport. Prominent sports betting platforms such as Bet365, Paddy Power, and Betway regularly provide markets for GAA Handball matches, tournaments, and competitions. These platforms offer a wide range of betting markets, including match winners, set winners, point spreads, and total points, allowing bettors to choose from various options based on their preferences and strategies.

In addition to individual bookmakers, there are several comparison sites available that can assist bettors in finding the best GAA Handball odds. Websites like Oddschecker and SmartBets aggregate odds from multiple bookmakers, enabling users to compare and select the most favourable options. These platforms also provide valuable information, such as historical odds data, betting tips, and insights from experts, helping bettors make more informed decisions.

To attract and retain customers, bookmakers often offer enticing promotions and bonuses for GAA Handball betting. These can include enhanced odds on specific matches, risk-free bets, or cash back offers. It is advisable for bettors to regularly check the promotions section of their chosen bookmaker or comparison site to take advantage of such offers and enhance their betting experience.

Handball Betting Markets

Handball offers various types of markets for fans and bettors to engage with and enjoy, and has a dedicated online platform that provides an array of market options and live betting opportunities for enthusiasts.

Match Winner

One of the most common types of markets available in GAA Handball is the match winner market. Bettors can place wagers on which player they believe will win a specific match or tournament. This type of market allows for straightforward predictions and is a favourite among fans looking to test their knowledge and intuition.


Another popular market in GAA Handball is the over/under market. Here, bettors can predict whether the total score in a match or a specific game will be above or below a predetermined value. This market adds an extra layer of excitement as fans can anticipate high-scoring battles or closely contested matches.


Handicap betting is also prevalent in GAA Handball. In this market, a virtual advantage or disadvantage is given to a player or team before the match begins. This creates a more level playing field and provides opportunities for strategic betting, as bettors can predict whether a player will outperform or struggle against the handicap.

Live Betting

Live betting options enhance the GAA Handball betting experience even further. With live betting, fans can place wagers during the course of a match, adapting their predictions based on the unfolding events. Live markets may include predicting the winner of the next game or predicting the exact score of a particular rally. This dynamic form of betting adds excitement and engagement for spectators, who can follow the action closely and make informed decisions as the game progresses.

Best Handball Betting Apps

Irish bookmakers have recognised the growing popularity of GAA Handball among sports enthusiasts and have developed user-friendly mobile apps that allow bettors to engage in this exciting sport. These apps provide a convenient platform for betting on GAA Handball matches, offering a range of features that enhance the overall betting experience. Here is a list of some Irish bookmakers that offer betting apps and why they stand out:

Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s app is renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive coverage of GAA Handball events. It provides comprehensive betting markets, real-time match updates, and live streaming options, ensuring users stay connected to the action.


Ladbrokes offers a dedicated mobile app that caters to GAA Handball enthusiasts. The app offers competitive odds, in-depth statistics, and a wide range of betting options, making it a popular choice among GAA Handball fans.


This app stands out for its innovative features, such as the ability to place both traditional and niche bets on GAA Handball matches. The app also offers cash-out options, live streaming, and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for bettors.


BoyleSports’ mobile app provides an intuitive betting platform specifically designed for GAA Handball enthusiasts. It offers competitive odds, live match updates, and a variety of betting markets, ensuring users have a fulfilling betting experience.


Bet365’s app is widely regarded for its extensive coverage of GAA Handball events, offering a comprehensive range of betting markets and competitive odds. The app also provides live streaming options, allowing users to watch the matches while placing their bets.

Handball Free Bets

Free bet offers have become a popular way for sports enthusiasts to enhance their betting experience, and handball enthusiasts are no exception. Handball, a fast-paced and thrilling sport, has garnered a dedicated following across the globe, leading to an increase in free bet offers specifically tailored for this sport. These offers provide an exciting opportunity for fans to engage in handball betting while minimising their own financial risk. In this introduction, we will explore what free bets in handball look like and delve into the typical terms and conditions associated with these offers.

What are Free Bets?

Free bets are essentially promotional offers provided by bookmakers, allowing bettors to place bets without having to risk their own money. These bets come in various forms, such as matched bets, risk-free bets, and no deposit bets. Matched bets often require the bettor to make an initial deposit and then match that amount with a free bet of equal value. Risk-free bets, on the other hand, refund the stake if the bet loses, whereas no deposit bets provide a free bet amount without requiring any initial deposit.

Terms and Conditions

While free bets offer an enticing opportunity for handball enthusiasts to explore the world of betting, it is important to understand the accompanying terms and conditions. These conditions can vary between bookmakers but generally include factors such as minimum odds requirements, wagering requirements, and time limitations. Minimum odds requirements stipulate that the qualifying bet must be placed on selections with odds above a certain threshold.

Top 5 Handball Free Bets

  • BoyleSports: Bet €10 Get €40 in Free Bets
  • Betway: Bet €10 Get €30 in Free Bets
  • 22Bet: 100% up to €122
  • Bet365: Bet €10 Get €50 in Free Bets
  • LeoVegas: Bag up to €30 in Free Bets

How we rate Handball Betting Sites

When rating sports betting sites for betting on GAA Handball, several features and elements are taken into consideration to ensure an informed choice for the users. These factors play a crucial role in determining the overall rating of a betting site and its suitability for GAA Handball enthusiasts.


One of the primary aspects evaluated is the site’s coverage of GAA Handball events. A top-rated betting site should offer a comprehensive range of markets, including popular tournaments, matches, and competitions within the GAA Handball circuit. The availability of pre-match and in-play betting options further enhances the user experience.


Another key consideration is the competitiveness of the odds provided. A reputable betting site for GAA Handball should offer competitive odds that reflect the true probabilities of the events. A wide range of betting markets, such as match winner, set score, total points, and player performance, is also desirable, as it allows users to explore different wagering options.


The user interface and overall usability of the betting site are crucial factors as well. A well-designed platform with intuitive navigation and responsive features ensures a seamless betting experience. Furthermore, the availability of mobile apps or mobile-responsive websites enables users to conveniently place bets on GAA Handball matches from anywhere at any time.


Security and trustworthiness are paramount when selecting a betting site. Reputable sites are licensed and regulated, ensuring the protection of user data and fair play. Secure payment options, such as encrypted transactions and a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, provide peace of mind for users.


Promotions and bonuses also contribute to the rating of a betting site. Offers like welcome bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, and loyalty programs can provide added value for users interested in GAA Handball betting.


To make an informed choice, users can refer to ratings and reviews that consider these factors. These assessments highlight the strengths and weaknesses of different betting sites, allowing users to compare and choose the one that best aligns with their preferences.

Deposits & Withdrawals at Handball Betting Sites

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods at popular GAA Handball betting sites, players have a variety of options to choose from. The most popular betting sites usually offer a range of banking options to cater to different user preferences.

Deposit methods commonly available on these platforms include debit cards, e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, bank transfers, and sometimes even cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin. These methods allow users to fund their betting accounts conveniently and securely.

The transaction times for deposits typically vary depending on the chosen method. Credit and debit card deposits are usually processed instantly, while e-wallet transactions can be completed within minutes. Bank transfers may take a bit longer, usually 1 to 3 business days. Cryptocurrency deposits are often the fastest, with near-instantaneous transaction confirmations.

Regarding fees, most reputable Handball betting sites do not charge any fees for depositing funds into your account. However, it’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions of each site, as some may have certain limitations or charges associated with certain payment methods.

When it comes to withdrawals, the same banking options are often available. Withdrawal times can vary depending on the method chosen. E-wallet withdrawals tend to be the fastest, with funds typically reaching the user’s account within 24 hours. Bank transfers may take a few business days for the funds to be credited, while credit/debit card withdrawals can take 3 to 5 business days.

Similar to deposits, withdrawal fees are not commonly charged by reputable Handball betting sites. However, it’s advisable to review the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of any potential fees or limitations.

Handball Betting 2024 Schedule

The big betting tournament to look forward to in 2023 is the 4 Wall Irish Nationals which will be hosted in November. Here, the best players from all over Ireland take each other on to see who will be crowned the best player on the island. Futures betting can be found on this event on Irish betting sites such as Paddy Power and BoyleSports and below is a table of the November schedule.

GAA betting FAQs

Is GAA Handball betting legal in Ireland?

Yes, GAA Handball betting is legal in Ireland. The Irish government regulates and licences various forms of gambling, including sports betting, and GAA Handball is a popular sport among bettors.

What types of bets are available for GAA Handball?

There are several types of bets you can place on GAA Handball matches. The most common is a straight bet on the outcome of a particular match, where you choose which player will win. You can also bet on the total number of points scored, handicap betting, and even live betting options during the game.

Where can I place GAA Handball bets in Ireland?

There are several reputable online sportsbooks and betting sites that offer GAA Handball betting in Ireland. These platforms provide a wide range of markets and competitive odds. Additionally, you may find local bookmakers and betting shops that accept GAA Handball bets.

Are there any strategies or tips for GAA Handball betting?

As with any sport, it’s always wise to do your research before placing bets on GAA Handball. Familiarise yourself with the players, their past performance, and the overall form of the competitors. Keep an eye on injury reports and any other relevant factors that could influence the outcome of a match.

Can I bet on GAA Handball matches outside of Ireland?

Yes, many international sportsbooks offer GAA Handball betting, allowing you to wager on matches played outside of Ireland. This provides an opportunity to explore a broader range of games and markets.

Are there any specific GAA Handball betting promotions or bonuses?

Some sportsbooks may offer promotions or bonuses specifically tailored to GAA Handball betting. These can include enhanced odds, free bets, or cashback offers. Be sure to check the promotions section of your chosen betting site for any current GAA Handball-related offers.

Is live streaming available for GAA Handball matches?

While live streaming options for GAA Handball matches may vary depending on the sportsbook, many platforms provide live streaming services for a wide range of sports, including GAA Handball. This allows you to watch the matches in real-time while placing your bets. Check with your chosen sportsbook to see if they offer live streaming for GAA Handball events.